Moving from India to the US with a Kindergartener in tow

Kindergarten Graduation

What kind of peer group do you want your child to have? I have always believed that a child’s development is mostly influenced by parents and other peers of the child. A school provides the systemic infrastructure to navigate through this development process within socially accepted norms. Teachers play the important role of applying mechanisms that have empirically had varying degrees of success. In this whole equation, educational syllabus, school facilities, and academic rigor, while important, sometimes get a much higher weightage than they deserve. Peer group still remains the

Copying is Good! Crystal Balling is Not.

I recently posted a blog on my Trysts with An upcoming blog-site reposted it with a misrepresentative summary and highly sensationalist headline unduly emphasizing my post as an accusation of housing copying RoomLion (I will not bring more traffic to them by linking them here). I figured, I will first express my opinion on the highly overused, abused and misunderstood term – “Copy” Much more than the best form of flattery! For beginners, anyone who calls Flipkart a copy of Amazon should ask their own parents why they did

Trysts with – Sourer than Most Grapes

Rahul's Offer Email

I have posted a follow-up to this post here My intent is to post learnings from my startup-experience in the Sour Grape Chronicles series. And of all the acquihire offers we received, my trysts with have certainly been one of the sourer grapes. This post is just a narration of my interactions with In a follow-up post, I will talk about my learnings from these interactions. The Airport Test I first came across circa January 2013 when it was still My first reaction was – “Wow,

All I can do is everything

The Prodigy that I Never Was The news of me relocating to India, quitting Google and starting-up had a lot of diverse reactions. The most interesting one was from a few chuddy buddies (childhood friends) who anxiously wanted to invest in my startup. Their rationale was that “Google ka job quit kiya hai. Kuch toe dhasu socha hoga. Banda smart toe hai hee.” (He has quit a job at Google. Must have some grand plans. That guy is intelligent). I am glad that I did not take their money and still

The Sour Grapes Chronicles – Preface

Back in 2012, I had announced on this blog that I had relocated to India to build Now I am back in the US, working with Matterport, an exciting startup in the 3D space-visualization and virtual reality domain. I have entrusted RoomLion operations in very capable hands. RoomLion continues to generate a net profit on a monthly basis – that too without spending a dime on marketing or the fabled Customer Acquisition Cost. All said, the truth is that I did not succeed at creating the kind of exponential

Ideas for Disrupting the Real Estate Business in India

Recently, I published the following article on NextBigWhat: Want To Seriously Disrupt Real Estate Business In India? Read This The article opines on the strategy that real estate companies should follow, beyond the smoke and mirror effect created with pretty user-interfaces and virtual reality tools. Click on the above link to read the full-text or below is a summarized excerpt from the article. I find it a little unsettling that real estate companies are positioning their virtual-reality features as means to eliminate the need for a consumer to visit the

Convert negative thoughts into positive energy

Pessimism, self-victimization, jealousy, sadism, cynicism, self-doubt, egotism, irascibility, rejection – it is very common for any human being to have these feelings. When not kept in check, these feeling have not done good to anyone. There have been times in my life when some version of these feelings had an acute influence on my actions, general well-being and future outcomes. Even though I have not mastered the art yet – I came out happy whenever I was successful in converting these feelings of negativity into a positive outlook. And whenever

Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. Give serendipity a chance!

Caution – this blog post may seem very Sheldony. Often times, we are tempted to wait for the perfect opportunity – the perfect time – some or the other manifestation of perfect. But while waiting, we loose out on valuable time and lots of opportunities that may not seem perfect in foresight but could turn-out to be perfect in hindsight. I like to call such opportunities – serendipity! Now this may not fit the dictionary meaning of serendipity because in such scenarios the outcome is not completely accidental. It’s just

Seven things that every web-entrepreneur should consider while starting-up

Often times, my friends, acquaintances and sometimes even strangers on LinkedIn – reach out for an opinion on points to consider while starting work on their web-project. So I decided to blog about the approach that I have followed so far in most of my Internet based projects. I am not saying that this is the recipe to success – because I would not call any of my projects a success – as yet! So please consider it as just one opinion among many that are available across the web.

Venture capital firms sending confusing signals to seed stage entrepreneurs

Confused Venture Capital Firms

Just for quick context, I am the founder of Scrappy Ventures, an Internet product start-up in Pune. As of the writing of this blog post, we are completely self-funded. While we are interested in raising external capital, we have not begun any proactive efforts to raise funding. However I do not loose any opportunity to participate in any local events organized by potential investors. And lately there have been several of these happening in Pune. This post is on my observations at such events. I also provide a summarized opinion